Stuff about Madoka characters you may or may not have known

(Most of these are from the PSP game and drama CDs)

1. Sayaka can’t cook. Both Kyousuke and Madoka are aware of this.

2. In the first timeline, Mami is not fond of Moemura. She is jealous when Madoka spent more time with Homura and even got mad when Madoka gave her a cake that Madoka and Homura both collaborated on. 

3. Speaking of which, Sayaka is also jealous of Homura being around Madoka and  felt lonely. Hitomi notices this and the two began to hang out more.

4. Also, in the first timeline, Sayaka didn’t contract. But she catches Kyuubey’s eye while visiting Kyousuke. Apparently, Homura becoming a magical girl is what triggered her to become a magical girl in later timelines.

5. In the extra route, Sayaka notes that Hitomi should be a magical girl like the rest of them. Madoka says that she doesn’t seem to need a miracle in her life.

6. Before she became a magical girl, Mami had a wonderful family, many good friends, and wished that her happiness would continue. 

7. (First Timeline) Kyouko comes back to Mitakihara even if Mami didn’t die. She says she’s here to hunt witches, but really to see Mami and hopefully rebuild a relationship with her. Unfortunately, she mentions wanting to see Mami’s new kouhai (Madoka) which leads to Mami being protective, assuming Kyouko will hurt her. Kyouko goes back to Kasamino afterwards.

8. (Anime Timeline (fourth??) While looking for Sayaka (the moment before Sayaka goes witch), Kyouko runs into a guy who flirted with her (calling her cute, telling her he knows somewhere they can go…). She brushes him away, until he offers to help. Kyouko asked if he saw a middle school girl around and when he said no, she left. 

9. (First Timeline) Kyouko beat up a gang twice; 1) When they were bullying some kid, 2) When they tried to invade the abandoned church to make it their hideout.

10. Homura apparently looks and acts just like Junko when Junko was little.

11. (First timeline) Amy the cat was the one who lead Homura to Madoka when she died to Walpurgis Night. Before this, Madoka told Homura to stay at home because of ‘a typhoon.’ Technically, because of Amy, Homura made the contract to become a magical girl and save Madoka.

12. Homura and Mami both make good grades in school. (Homura…because of time powers probably) Madoka (as well as Hitomi) also make good grades. Sayaka almost always fails (she also sleeps alot in class.).

 13. Kyouko can’t swim. This brings her witch form Ophelia and the And I’m Home picture to a new light. Sayaka and Mami tried to teach her to swim in the fourth Drama CD (which is uploaded and subbed by me on YT. Go check it out~)

14. Mami’s mentorship with Kyouko is much closer and friendly than with Madoka, Sayaka, and Homura. Maybe she distanced herself after that betrayal?

15. Mami had to learn how to make muskets out of ribbons through books and learning. She did this when she couldn’t save a boy from a witch and strove to become stronger to protect people. Unfortunately, she was only capable of making muskets. More powerful, complex guns were out of her ability.

16. Sayaka is the tallest of the magical girls, (then Mami, Kyouko, Homura, and Madoka) but Hitomi is still taller than her. (sorry, made a mistake…Kyouko is 156-158 cm while Mami is 156-159 cm)

17. Sayaka is well-liked and popular in her class.

18. Kyousuke taught Sayaka how to hold a violin.

19. In one past timeline, as shown in the anime, Oktavia’s barrier had guitar themes instead of violin. Actually, in ‘most’ of the timelines, Kyousuke was actually a guitarist. When Sayaka said that people were surprised when she knew about Classical music, and that Kyousuke was the reason she gave it a try, it was because she was ‘supposed’ to be interested in rock music.

20. According to the production notes, the ends of Goddess Madoka’s hair should never be seen/shown.

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